September 8, 2019

We helped 1252 people find a dentist. It's great!

Dr. Rawad Alghazzi

Every day we receive 3-5 letters from people in the mail. They need dental care. No. They do not ask for money or do the work for free. They just don’t know which dentist they should go to. It often happens that in the country of residence of a person there is simply no such specialist.

We recognize the problem of the person and try to help. First, we are looking for the right specialist in the country of a person, and if we do not find it, then we are looking in other countries. During the work of our site, we have formed an excellent staff of dentists around the world: Emirates, USA, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Australia and others.

In 2019, we received 1272 letters and answered each. 173 people went to other countries for treatment and received good dental care.

Of course, sometimes it happens that we cannot find a dentist in a particular country. For example, France .... Are there any specialists there at all, or does everyone go for treatment to neighboring Switzerland? We do not know.

In any case, we wish health to every person who turned to us. Thank you for your trust.

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