August 8, 2019

The total fixed prosthesis that makes Catia smile

Dr. Hugo Madeira

Unfortunately, the dental condition of Catia is the case for many other people: tooth loss, lack of daily oral care and a poorly fitted upper removable denture. In yet another visual transformation at “The Cristina Program” at SIC, we had the opportunity to give Catia smile a new life with the placement of a superior total fixed prosthesis.

The first step was clinical evaluation and an intraoral scanner, which allowed detailed digital treatment planning. This 3D evaluation is a great help to us dentists on the day of surgery for dental implant placement, as it tells us exactly where to place each implant precisely. It is also a great advantage for the patient as the whole process is faster and more comfortable.

We also confirmed something we were suspicious about in the clinical evaluation of Catia: her skinny, narrow face led us to suspect that over the years there would have been bone resorption in the jawbone - an area located beneath the so-called “cheekbones”. ”- which would make it difficult to place dental implants that would support the superior total fixed prosthesis. It has been confirmed, but fortunately there is a solution to this problem.

The maxillary sinus lift is a simple and painless surgical technique, performed before the placement of dental implants, which allows the recovery of the lost bone by filling with bone graft. It is a procedure that makes possible the placement of dental implants when there is no bone availability. After its healing (the recommended minimum period is 6 months), it is possible to safely place dental implants, which, in the end, will support the upper total fixed prosthesis.

After healing of the maxillary sinus lift surgery, we proceeded to the dental implant placement surgery. On the same day, just a few hours later, the upper total fixed prosthesis was designed, designed to fit Katia and developed by the Hugo Madeira Clinic laboratory. After so many years of discomfort, Catia smiled again and regained her lost self-esteem. Her upper removable prosthesis was very unstable, prevented her from chewing and living to the full, and was now a problem of the past.

This fixed upper total prosthesis, and this story that goes through the “The Cristina Program”, is another reminder of how important it is to always follow all the tips to keep the smile beautiful and healthy throughout life.

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