September 17, 2019

Dental health directly depends on the quality of hygiene

Dental health directly depends on the quality of hygiene. It is clear that there are other factors (for example, bite), but this one is one of the main ones. The brush came in a month, was in the mail package. Good packing. The packaging is decent, not ashamed to give. At the bottom of the box was also an English instruction.


How do such brushes work?
High-frequency sound waves cause vibration of the bristles. In addition, the sound wave cleanses plaque, penetrates the tooth crevices, providing better cleaning than a regular toothbrush.

Water protection?
The device is completely protected from dust and can be immersed in water for a while.

Also in this configuration there are additionally 5 interchangeable heads. An impressive margin. The plastic from which the brush is made is of high quality, it smelled nothing.

The brush lies comfortably in the hand.

Bristle - DuPont Nylon.

Bristles of medium hardness, bristles of different lengths (wave-shaped).

There is a protective cap.
The brush came charged.

4 modes:
★ Whitening;
★ Everyday;
★ Polishing;
★ Gum massage;
In different modes, the bristles move differently. The timer in each mode works the same. 30 seconds per zone, only 2 minutes.

Sound vibrations are concentrated precisely in the brush head, and not in the handle (as is sometimes the case with low-cost models).
The vibration is soft, the brush does not injure the gums. Before the first use, I read the information about the sound brushes for a long time, since I have problem teeth and a lot of fillings. But in the end I found out that this type of brush does not affect them at all.

How to use:
★ Apply toothpaste to the brush, moisten with water.
★ We place the brush at an angle of 45 degrees.
★ Move the brush from tooth to tooth.
★ Do the same with the back of the teeth.
★ Clean the chewing surface.
★ Brush back teeth.

For each zone - 30 seconds.

Very nice brush. You can buy it in our store at a special price. Worldwide shipping is free.


Manufacturer: Seago
Production: China
Cleaning Technology: Sound.
Number of movements: 40,000 vibrations / min.
Power: Battery.
Battery Type: Li-ion.
Continuous work time: up to 3 weeks (when used twice a day).
Charging time: up to 4 hours.
Timer: Yes.
Material: ABS, TPE.
Weight: 65.5 gr.
Available in 2 colors.
I have black, there is still white.
Sonic brush.
Its price is between mechanical and ultrasonic.

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